The first compostable (N)espresso capsule that guarantees a long shelf life

Biodegradable Nespresso capsule and lidding material

STASCAFE provides industrial compostable, biodegradable Nespresso coffee capsules.

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Biodegradable Nespresso coffee capsule and lidding material

Self-protected coffee capsule

STASCAFE presents a EN13432 ASTM d6400 industrial compostable, biodegradable Nespresso capsule.

When plant based Nespresso capsules that are made from natural resources, like PLA, have no sufficient barrier, oxygen and moisture are transmitted very easily through the bioplastic layers. These parameters are measured through the oxygen transmission rate (OTR) and moisture transmission (VWTR).

The coffee will oxidize in the plantbased coffee capsule and the coffee becomes old quickly. The aromas will leave the biocap within a short amount of time.

For that reason the Stascafe 2 capsules are packaged in a bag with a barrier, to keep the capsules fresh for 12 months.

Stascafe elite (Stascafe 3)

This new invention has been made in the Stascafe laboratories. It is a gas tight / oxygen tight and vapor tight coffee capsule.

After filling the capsules they are closed with point laser technology, compostable lidding material.

More info on the laser lidding technology: See various things to know about Nespresso


This lidding guarantees a perfect flow, foam layer, and yield.  This report clearly shows that our capsules represent even better results than aluminum lidding. The test was carried out in 2 different Nespresso machines.  


In the measurements you can see that the compostable lidding builds up the pressure, even with less grinded coffee.

Patented laser technology: Three patents

Our patents regarding laser technology for coffee capsules are summed up below. Direct links to patents on Espacenet

Blind holes lasering >>

Laser film with extra layer >>

Lasering  capsules in filling machine >>

After the plant based capsules are closed, we join two capsules together. In a special mold, under very high pressure, we create a bioplastic “pull off” ring around the 2 capsules by injection molding.

As you can see on the photos, we create 2 self-protected twin capsules. But it is also possible to create a single capsule instead. By using a “capsule closing way”, a thin round disk made of bioplastic and bringing the capsule and the PLA disk together In a special mold, under very high pressure, we create a bioplastic “pull off “ ring around the capsule and the disk by injection molding. (fig 5 in patent)

No extra packaging is needed when you bring all 10 capsules together in a “10 caps pack”. In one step we bring all 10 capsules together in the mold (by robot) and in one step we inject the bioplastic “pull open” ring.

The capsules are coated with f.a. silicon SIOX / SIO2 in a vacuum chamber (vapor deposition) resulting in excellent aroma properties.

Before use you can disconnect the ”pull off” ring very easily.

This is a food approved solution.

The capsules have an extremely long shelf life. The system can be used for K-cup, Nespresso, Dolce gusto, Lavazza etc. etc.

Stascafe patent: “capsule closed oxygen and vapor tight by injection molding”