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In 2006, the Stas brothers were the first to introduce a refillable coffee pad for Senseo: the Ecopad. Although copied widely, none of these copies are in the same league as the Ecopad. More than five million of them have now been sold.

Senseo compatible pods

Coffeeduck for Senseo

In 2010, the Stas brothers launched the COFFEEDUCK, a refillable two-capsule holder for loose coffee, suitable for use with the Senseo. The COFFEEDUCK was patented and is still a great success throughout the world to this very day.

Coffeeduck Nespresso compatible capsules

Coffeeduck for Nespresso®

In 2011, the first refillable capsule for Nespresso was launched (suitable for use with loose coffee). It was a great success straight away. However, many copies are available on the market now too. Although much copied, no other product is in the same league.

Coffeeduck Nespresso compatible capsules


STASCAFE has gained many patents for organic capsules and membranes, etc. A laser is used to produce our foil lids, which consist of three separate layers. This lid material has exactly the same properties as aluminium and will never rip (please contact if you would like more information about this development or a possible licence).

Compostable Nespresso compatible capsules

Stascafe coffeecats

The STASCAFE coffeecats concept consists of refillable capsules that can be filled with special custom-made coffee pouches called coffeecats. These capsules can be used hundreds of times and, we are proud to say, they are the most environmentally friendly consumer product that you'll find on the market today.

Nespresso compatible capsules


We are working hard to improve the environmental friendliness of the packaging we use. Unfortunately, big packaging multinationals are not currently supplying plant-based barrier packaging for coffee. Given this fact, we are planning to launch our OWN bio-based and compostable secondary packaging in the future.


STASCAFE and a number of partners have been successful in developing a fully gas-tight, plant-based Nespresso capsule. Besides having a very long shelf life, it also boasts great aroma retention. This development is a unique breakthrough and removes the need for gas-tight secondary packaging (please contact if you would like more information about this development or a possible licence).